Stillwater Farm

Girls Win at the Buckeye Gold Cup Gypsy Vanner Show

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The Buckeye Gold Cup Gypsy Vanner Show was held last weekend in Springfield OH and was very well attended by Gypsy Vanners and their owners from all over the country. Stillwater Farm was represented by April Rose, Summer Rose, Mia, and Pia. There were two judges for the show on Saturday and then another judge for the show on Sunday. April Rose took Grand Champion Mare on Saturday. Reserve Champion Mare was awarded to Mia. On Sunday Summer Rose won Grand Champion Mare and April Rose won Reserve Champion Mare. Mia won first, second, and first in her age class and Pia won a first, first, and second respectively. Mia won Bred in America Two and Under both days with Pia following up in Second Place. Summer Rose won the Gypsy Vanner Futurity Performance Western Championship and the Gypsy Vanner Futurity Performance English Championship. All told there were 27 First Placements for the girls from Stillwater Farm. Felicia and Marvin Britt did a fantastic job with training and showing the horses.



  • Great News,Robin!!!  Congratulations on the ribbons (but, what did you expect, with the prettiest and well schooled Gypsy Vanners around).........also the new additions….they are adorable!!!  Good Luck in all the future endeavors too!!  Sandy