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Ask Us Your Gypsy Vanner Questions!

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We have yet to find "one" place for lots of information on raising, training, showing, feeding, and grooming the Gyspy Vanner Horse.  We would love to be the place to find answers to your Gypsy Vanner questions.  If you have a question please ask.  There are no stupid questions and we are HAPPY to answer yours.  Felicia can answer your training questions.  Marvin can answer your questions about conditioning and show preparation.  Surely, I know the answers to some questions!  We look forward to talking to you. 


  • I bought a horse from my farrier 2 years ago.  He is a 12 yr. old geilding, I think gypsy and morgan.  2 gaited.  Ben had feathers on him with a long tail and mane also.  He reminded me of a fairy tale horse.  I feel in love with him.  Will, my ferrier cut of all his feathers the day before I bought him.  How long will it take for him to grow them back?  They were cut off , will be 2 years this spring.  He is black with a little brown and a white star on forehead and on bridge of his nose.  He has pulled carts and been on tail rides and been on hog hunts.  I need to get him some retraining because he is spooky about everythings.  He just needs to be a little more broken for me.  He is also very smooth, and when in full runhis back is always straight.  I not a beginner, and I not a notice either.  I have natural horse sense,  I paid 1500.00 for him.  What do I need to have him trained for.  He won’t come to me in pasture, either.  Please help me?  I will not give him up!  I love him.

  • I am sorry.  Ben is a 3 gaited horse, not a 2.  Sorry about the wrong gait.

  • Hi Sharon - sorry for the delay.  We have a little quirk in my email that my web people are working on.  It sounds like you need to strat with some ground training.  Check out Felicia’s training tips on the Stillwater Farm Blog page.  She is a great teacher.  He needs to learn that you are going to save him from the spooky things.  He sounds lovely.  I am not sure how long it takes feathers to grown out again.  But, I do know it takes about a year for the mane to replenish itself.

  • Hello,
    We are getting ready to purchase our first gypsy horses. One a stallion, age 8 and one a mare, age 6. Both the owners said were very well trained in dressage and can both pull a cart also. I have never owned a Gypsy and was wondering what there gait was like. Are they smooth, bumpy, what would you compare them to? Also there manners how would you group gypsys as calm, lazy, loving, uptight? I just want to learn as much as I can about the breed and it is hard to find information on the internet. Thank you and information you can give I will take I would like to learn how to train my gypsy’s because in the future we will be buying more babies and I want to be able to work with them as well.