Stillwater Farm

Just Posted!  New Pictures

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See new pictures of the Stillwater Babies!

Poppy's colt - Blue Valentino

Annie Rose's colt - Blue My Mind

Tia's filly - Blue Diva



  • Robin:  Your new babies are just too, too much. It was good to see you at the GVHS Annual Meeting and hope we see you in Shelbyville. “Belle” sends her love.

  • It was such a treat to meet you and see your farm - thanks for the A tour!  Your horses and babies are divine, simply gorgeous.  Congratulations!  Penn Staples

  • The vet was by last week and said Belle and her baby are doing well. We’re hoping for a buckskin & white filly but will be happy with a healthy baby and a sound mama.  Belle sends her love.