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Kalista Arrives at Vintage Vanners

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After a long, but safe, journey Kalista has finally arrived in Delano, MN and is staying at Vintage Vanners with Anne Crowley who will oversee her dressage training.  Anne has already told me she might never send her home!  This is Bommarito's first baby to come home to train with him and we are all excited.  Kalista has already been trained under saddle so the transition to dressage should be fun!


  • Hello Robin,  would you be able to give me a price on Khloe and Kalista at this point before any further training?  I do have a gypsy and he is a gelding.  I like a nice looking horse as I enjoy showing him off where I board.  My son whom has cerebral palsy and his girlfriend enjoy the gypsy much.  Now I need a 2nd one for me.  Love to groom, braid and conditions m/t etc.,spend approx.3-4 hrs 6 nights a wk.  not much of a life but I like it this way. I am looking for more of a leggy type, not heavy bone.  Are either one of the above more of a refined look, and most important how is the disposition?  Personalities much different,  of course Kalista is how much older?  Last of all could you give me a good guess on height?  Thanks Robin for your time again.  They look very nice from the pics.

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    Thanks Victoria!  Your email is on the way.

  • Congratulations on your site - it’s beautiful and the horses are GORGEOUS!
    Happy Holidays from California!