Stillwater Farm

Summer Rose Shows her Stuff at the Christmas Parade

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Summer Rose take Princess Emma for a holiday ride.  Mark and Bonita, Princess Parents, are dressed for the occasion.  Jacques, the Aristorat is our photographer.  Summer Rose just learned to drive recently and did a fabulous job in the parade.  You would think she had been driving for years!  The camels didn't have anything on Stillwater Farm's parade entry!  Go Summer Rose!  Merry Christmas everyone from all of us at Stillwater Farm.

Sadie, CBear, Daisy, Bijou, Remy, Ceasar, Athos, Aramis, Summer Rose,  Annie Rose, Poppy, Tia, Mia, Ruby, Heaven, Bruiser, Blue, Diva, Max, Olivia, Pumpkin, Zippy, DJ, Pearly King, Puccini, Da Vinci, Cailada, Venus, Gautama, Audaz, Shakira, Khaki, Donquixote, Sancho, Dink, Susie, Ellabella, Santabella, and Franchesca

Mark, Bonita, Carlos, Estelia, Jacques, and Robin

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!



  • I saw your horses on the program “Horse Flicks”. As an artist who loves horses especially, I was both intrigued and impressed with your horses and farm. Hope you have continued success.

  • I saw a 30 minute program on your horses.  They are so beautiful.  I have always been around quarter horses, our daughters showed them.  I would love to own one of these horses someday.  You can ride and drive them with peace of mind.  Good luck with your future plans.  I will be checking in on your web site for additional information.

  • I saw your horses as well on “Horse Flicks”. They are VERY beautiful horses! I actually fell in love with those magnificent horses when I saw them. Deja Blue and all the others are so powerful and marvelous. I just adore them!