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Training Updates

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Tinka, Sheba, and Traveler have now been in training under saddle for one month!  Shaw says that Traveler is a clown and really enjoys his training time.  He did not even react when Shaw put the saddle on him for the first time.  Nor did he react when he was ridden!  He is working on his walk - trot and transitions.  Apparently Traveler has a bit of get up and go!  Sheba turned into a rodeo queen when she was put under saddle for the first time.  Even though Sheba has had the same training, manners, baby lessons, etc. as Traveler, she had a little more to express than the others.  She is doing great now and is also working on her walk - trot and transitions.  Little was known about Tinka when we purchased her as a broodmare.  We don't think she had been handled previously.  It is always harder to start adult horses than the ones you have raised.  However, we believe that all of our horses should be trained to ride or drive.  It is great being a broodmare.  But, it is better to have a broodmare that you can also put in the Christmas Parade. 


  • This website is amazing!!!!!!! I like it!!and you havebeautiful horses there!!!!

  • You do have a beautiful web site as well as lovely horses. I do think you should consider featuring your stallion and farm on the cover of our January 2010 issue of Southeast Equine Magazine! Check us out online at I will be featuring this issue at the first big fund raiser event at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY to benefit the Women in Racing as well as the World Equestrian Games. Our Publication is a sponsor! We are happy to include a nice write up on your farm and breeding program.
    Thank you,

  • Absloutley amazing how once you enter your web-site you feel you are right there. And after visiting this is the next best thing. I still want a gypsy and maybe one day I will have one.  Merry Xmas and a very happy and healthy new year for everyone on the farm. xx Margery, Rick and Loki our Norwegian Fjord.