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We Have Our First Winner of the Name the Baby Contest

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We absolutely love it!  Annie Rose's baby really did blow our minds for several reasons.  He was born three weeks early and he is an absolutely little brute!  No early wimpy baby there.  He came out like a lightning bolt and has not stopped since.  So, congratulations to Wendy Dean (who by the way is also a Stillwater Farm client and the mommy of Traveller now!)  Wendy get a new Mark Barrett calendar and a weekend at Stillwater Farm to visit SWF Blue My Mind.


  • these have got to be the most awesome animals i have seen…i love my brothers palomino PEANUT…his coat shines like gold…his muscles ripple like a river…and he is 19…the reason i wrote is i want name a baby…being from okla….STORM-LIGHTENING-THUNDER-BOLT OF LIGHT…these are just off the top of my head….your horses are magical…i love to see the new ones and the older ones aren’t bad either…please let me know when it is time for a new name and what type you want…thank you for your time…

  • ideas on names:

    Blue Poppy
    Blue Tiara
    and Blue Rose, Blue Summer

  • How about Blue Mountain Sky…..Sky for short (with those blue eyes you mention)  The pictures are beautiful!!