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Gender: Mare
Date of Birth: 4-26-04
Registered Name: Lyla

Lyla's 2014 filly - Lilly is currently for sale

We purchased Lyla from Sandra Pelton back in 2012.  At the time Sandra was looking for a good home for her most beloved mare. Things at home had dictated a change.  It's now January 2016 and Lyla has returned home to Sandra!  As I told Sandra, Lyla has always been in our care.  But Lyla has always been in Sandra's heart and if she wanted her home then we were happy to send her.  It's a beautiful story about love, loss, and love all over again.  And notice this story ends with love!  Welcome home Lyla.  I hope you and your momma, Sandra, have lots of fun adventures!  We will miss you.





Video of Lyla, Mia, and Ruby


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