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Gender: Mare
Date of Birth: 3/9/2008
Registered Name: SWF Miss Amelia

Mia now lives with Kathy Nelson of Sonnet Gypsy Ranch in California.  But, she remains a Stillwater Farm born and bred mare.  Mia is in foal to Deja Blue for a 2014 baby.  If it is a black filly I might have to buy her back!


Video of Mia, Lyla, and Ruby


"I have enjoyed, and am enjoying my friendship with Robin at Stillwater Farms. Robin/Stillwater have provided not just superb horses, but a trustworthy source of ‘horse’ sense and help in this new adventure for me, the Gypsy Vanner.

 I found Stillwater, like most others these day, on the Web, viewing horses whose quality was evident at a glance. I drooled over those horses at least 100 times before I finally queried Robin electronically with “OK, I have to ask, how much?”: I knew these animals were the top of the line. It was a good move.

 As the dream of building a horse ranch becomes clearer, I have come to know I want the absolute best for my herd. Looking at Annie, at Mia, at DJ, at Summer, at Blue My Mind, and all the others, I saw this ‘top of the line’, and now, I own it.

I fumble around quite a bit with this new dream: Building a horse ranch is new for me, horses are familiar, building a ranch is not. Stillwater farms has been there to help put together plans that work. Even though my initial desires and needs changed from colt to filly, Stillwater worked with me, at minimal risk, to provide me with what I believe to be one of the top fillies (I am a very proud ‘checkbook’ mamma), Annie’s Sweet Blueberry Pie (BB), with Daddy DJ’s blue eyes, fantastic confirmation, and Mamma Annie’s sweetest head and lovely butt! BB is brave, intelligent and loving, with a distinct sense of playfulness as I found out when I visited the beautiful Stillwater farm a few weeks after BB’s birth. And for further bragging rights, I just take a look at the Stillwater Farms front Web site page: That’s right, that big beautiful black mare, Mia, is going to be coming to San Diego County next year. When my husband first saw Mia, in person, at the Stillwater Farm, his mouth dropped with a look of amazement (trust me, not common for my husband): “That’s her?!”, he said. “That’s her.” I smiled. Acquiring Mia is another dream Robin is helping me to achieve, working with my timing constraints. I already refer to Mia as ‘the Prize’, and she comes with quite a resume of ‘prizes’. To top off the fun, I get the pleasure of pulling out the Gypsy Vanner calendars, and pointing to Annie (one of three cover girls for 2011), DJ (cover boy for 2013) and Mia (Miss March of 2012) all beautifully captured and shared. Pardon me, while I ‘knock on wood’ (my head) to acknowledge my good fortune all of which has nothing to do with my abilities or my person.

 Thank-you Robin/Stillwater! I’m so looking forward to working/playing with you, and these lovely horses, in the years to come."





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