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2013 Babies

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Ruby and Emma

It's finally Spring here in the mountains of North Carolina.  On May 15th we can finally start the garden!  All of the babies are doing great.  Mommas are loving the new grass and the babies are loving the sunshine.  Deja Blue and Pearlie King are home and will be picking up their dressage training with our new trainer, Daisy Fouts.  Daisy was most recently in Chicago and now she is permanent fixture here at Stillwater Farm.  Kim has p0lished up on her baby training skills and we hope to make some videos of the babies and their progress through the trust skill training and basic manner training.  We love for our babies to be confident and solid in their foundation.  Whether we keep them or they go to a new forever home, those skills remain with them and are built upon as they age.  We will be going to some all breed shows later in the summer and I'll keep you posted on our calendar.  In the meantime, if you find yourself near Cashiers or Highlands give us a call and schedule a visit.  We would love for you to meet all the horses in person.


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