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Babies Coming Soon!

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We are just a couple of weeks away from the first babies!  We are expecting DJ's first foal crop and absolutely are on pins and needles with anticipation.  Girl or Boy; Piebald or Solid; Blue eyes???  We will keep you posted when the first baby is here.  In the meantime help us come up with some great names.  If we use the name you pick, we will send you a beautiful Mark Barrett Calendar and send you a special invite to visit the farm and see the baby you named! 

Here are the conditions.  The name has to have the word "blue" in it.  Tia, Poppy, April Rose, and Annie Rose are all expecting.  April Rose and Annie Rose's baby has to also have the word "rose" in it.

Send your best names! 


  • If I had a baby horse I might name it….De’ja Blue! Deja Blue of Stillwater Farm! It reminds me of DaVinci’s name, it’s very simple yet classy! I’ve got to keep thinking, Thanks!

  • Deja Blue is a great name!  Just ask DJ.  That is his real name!!

  • Blue Ridge of Stillwater “Ridge” 

    Two- Toned Blue

    Blue Lite Special or blue lite is Special (BLIS-Stillwater) BLISS!

  • BLISS - I like it!

  • Okay, I have to take on this challenge and find the perfect name or names. How about:
    Blue’s Marta Rose (Marta = Lady),
    Blue Jeans Rose,
    Zingaro Blue, (Zingaro = Gypsy)
    Blue’s Valentino Rose
    I will keep thinking.
    But I have to admit, I like the suggestion of “Blue Ridge of Stillwater”, how about Blue Ridge Rose?
    Can’t wait to see the babies!!

  • One more suggestion:
    Turchino della Tia (Deep blue of Tia?)

  • Hi Robin, Congratulations on the babies!!!  In keeping with the French painter [DaVinci] (whom I fell in love with while visiting your farm), I thought going with the whole french, painter area might be cool…....
    Pieros Blue Rose (Piero=DaVinci’s father)
    Catarinas Blue Rose (Catarina=DaVinci’s mother)
    Blue Rose of Florence (DaVinci’s birthplace)
    Sforza Rose (a dynasty in Milan during DaVinci’s time)
    Sforza Blue (same as above)
    Rose of Sforza
    Il Moro le Rose (Duke of Milan/commissioned the Last Supper)
    Ludovico le Blue/Rose (first name of the Duke of Milan)
    Rose de le Verrocchio (a florentine painter)
    I am currently in Florida (visiting my son) and I went to visit Dennis Thompson @ Gypsy Gold, what a nice man, beautiful Gypsy’s…...had a very nice informational day, he gave me the history of his experience with them, what a great story!!

  • Welcoming a new baby…..Stillwater’s Blue Debut ....Much joy with your new arrivals….!

  • More name suggestions…

    Axel Rose ( this is my favorite- he has great hair too)

    DJ’s Blue Print

    Stuck like Blue

    Stillwater’s Blue My Mind

  • -Blueberry
    -Jet Blue
    -Persian Blue
    -Baby Blue
    -Blue Moon

  • Not good evertroubling insomnia has enterd a new realm of insanity because of this contest!

    Last nites output -

    Blues Control


    Blue Throws a Rose - (Aros)

    From Blue ARose Too - (Aros)

    Where the Blue Son Rose

  • Ok…this is probably obvious, but:
    My Blue Valentine
    Blue Valentine Rose
    Deja Blue’s Valentine
    Stillwater’s Blue Cupid (If you want to completely go down the Valentine’s day path!)
    Stillwater’s Blue Amore
    Amore’s Blue Rose of Stillwater
    Deja Blue’s Amore

    Congratulations on the new babies! Can’t wait to see them!

  • I stumbled across your website while researching for my horse-crazy 6 year old.  We love your horses, and hope to visit your farm sometime.  Congrats on your babies.  What a great idea for a contest! 
    Blue Moonlight & Roses
    Blue’min Rose (pretty pun-ny huh?)
    Roses in Bluem
    Blue Ribbons n’ Roses
    He Blue Me Kisses
    Blue Roses by Still Water
    My Blue Heaven
    Little Boy Blue
    Carolina Blue Sky
    DJ’s Blue Angel
    Paint the Town Blue
    Singing the Blues
    Black and Blue ( you could call him Bruiser!)
    Blue Splendor
    Impossibly Blue
    Perfect Shade of Blue
    Blueblooded Lady
    Blue Enchantress
    True Blue
    Blue Chip Player

    Below are some interesting facts about blue roses from Wikipedia—I thought they were so applicable to your horses & their Valentine deliveries;  if you can’t find any names you like from those submitted, these may be a source of inspiration:

    “In some cultures, blue roses traditionally signify a mystery, or attaining the impossible, or never ending quest for the impossible. They are believed to be able to grant the owner youth or grant wishes. Historically, this symbolism derives from the rose’s meaning in the language of flowers common in Victorian times. Blue roses also convey inner feelings of love at first sight, being enchanted by something or someone. The color blue is also traditionally associated with royal blood, and thus the blue rose can also denote regal majesty and splendor. Elaborate use of this symbolism is adopted by Ken Roberts in his book “A Rich Man’s Secret”. In Chinese folklore, the blue rose signifies hope against unattainable love.[8]’

  • I think a great name is Stillwater’s Blue Tango or Blue Tango of Stillwater or simply Blue Tango. I would like to make an offer if you choose this name for the new foal. You can’t go wrong with a name like Blue Tango.  What do you think?