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Busy Year At Stillwater Farm

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2013 Filly by Tia and Pearlie King

We had an amazing foaling season this year.  Five Fillies!  All gorgeous and most importantly, all very healthy.  We have new staff members, Arnaldo Rosario and his wife, Kathy.  Daisy Fouts, our head trainer, is running a tight ship to get all those mares back in shape after foaling.  We have added some new bloodlines to our program as well.  Anne Crowley, of Vintage Vanners, has been kind enough to send her fabulous V. V. Tessa to us to manage.  She is currently in foal to V. V. Deja Blue.  Seems like full circle for Tessa and D.J.!  We have expanded our dressage division to include Summer Rose, Deja Blue, Briella, and Brigsby.  Continuing in Halter will be Aramis and Pearlie King in addition to all of our young stock.  We are very proud to show what we have worked years to breed.  We recently received a compliment from a well regarded judge that Stillwater Gypsy Vanners could easily set the phenotype for the modern Gypsy Vanner because our Gypsy Vanners are performance horses.  Their conformation is such that they have beautiful head sets on balanced necks, shoulders that slope, and a powerful drive from behind.  Not all Gypsy Vanners look the same.  There are obviously different types within the breed. We respect that and realize that every breeder has their own favorite type of Gypsy Vanner.  The performance Gypsy Vanner is Stillwater Farm's "type" and all of our offspring are stamped with that "type".  We are proud of our horses and very looking forward to seeing them develop through their training.


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