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Deja Blue Goes Under Saddle Today

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It is a gorgeous day in North Carolina and it is Deja Blue aka DJ's first day under saddle.  As expected everything went smoothly under the tuteladge of Felicia Britt.  Here are a few pictures from this afternoon.


  • He looks so calm (not to mention beautiful)...We have a blue eyed Quarter horse….something about those blue eyes…..they are so special!!  Good Luck to you in the training.  I am looking forward to visiting in the future and possibly owning one of your beautiful Vanners!!  Sincerely, Sandra

  • I can’t believe my little DGEEEE! Is under saddle.  What a fine boy he is going to make you proud, I promise.  Keep up the good work.

  • He is so beautiful, and I believe he will do so well under the saddle.

  • Deja is absolutely exquisite in form and expression. What a lovely animal. Good luck and best wishes.