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DJ is a Daddy!

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We have been waiting years for this foal crop and the foaling season has started off with a bang!  Two babies born in the early morning on Valentine's Day.  Poppy was really glad to foal out her big colt.  She looked enormous and about to pop!  Her colt is solid black with white feet and a white star.  Marvin noted that he was just about big enough for a saddle already!  Tia was not far behind in foaling out another gorgeous filly.  This time the lovely new girl is piebald, more black than white.  Marvin, the soothsayer, pronounced Tia's filly another "special" one.  He is partial to Tia's fillies and he hasn't been wrong once.  He said the same thing about Mia and Pia when they were born.

Annie Rose thought it would be a good time for her colt to make his big entrance into this world.  He is stunning.

Sorry about no pics.  I'll have them up next week!  Keep working on those baby names.


  • Congratulations! We are glad the dueling DJ’s are healthy and doing well! We are psyched for you!

  • I am so glad Moms and babies are doing great. I just love your farm and horses. Can not wait to see the pictures of Moms and Babies.
    I’m sooo happy for you all.

  • Hi Robin…....Wow!! Congratulations on the babies!!  Can’t wait to see the photos.
    I have a new email address (above) the old one had some sort of a “worm” so I had to delete it. Please keep me informed via the new address.  Congratulations again, and hope you have a good visit with Dennis in Florida!!

  • SWF Blue My Mind is a great name from Wendy!!!

    I’ll keep thinking of others..I don’t know their breeding, as unfamiliar with your Gypsy Vanner lines, but will look at Tia and Poppy now. Can’t wait to see the pictures