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Fillies or Colts?

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I remember when I decided to make the leap into showing horses.  The horses, the outfits, the competition, the ribbons???  I don't think it was anything in particular but a combination of wishes and wants.  Yesterday, Barbara Snyder posted the cutest picture of her on a pony when she was little.  I promptly posted my pony picture.  I wonder how many of us have those little pony pictures.  My pony was a loaner from our wealthy neighbor.  There was no way my parents could afford that kind of luxury for me.  There are also those pictures that you paid a dollar for and got to sit on a pony.  That counts too!  I was one of those girls who absolutely loved horses and couldn't get enough of reading about them, looking at them, dreaming about them, painting and drawing them, etc.  Who still has their "Misty" books?  One of my (now fondest) childhood memories is going to a local horse show when I was about eight or nine.  I had to go to the potty and stopped dead in my tracks.  No "Girl" or "Boy" sign.  It was "Filly" and Colt" OMG, I didn't know what was what and was so embarrased to ask. 

There are a lot of questions that people are afraid to ask regarding horses.  Those people that I saw at my first horse show with all the ribbons and beautiful horses were, what I thought, unapproachable.  You can't talk to them.  They are busy.  You don't even own a horse yet!  What if you make a fool of yourself?  Does any of this sound familiar?  It took years and now I have some winning horses and some ribbons on the stall door.  Yet, I still remember those people who took the time to talk and answer my questions. We might be busy getting ready for a class.  If so we will tell you and ask that you stop by after the next class.  If we didn't like meeting new people and talking about the horses we wouldn't be at the show in the first place! 

So now we have several different forums for you to ask questions or just get to know us better.  I am on Facebook, Robin Visceglia.  Stillwater Farm has a Fan Page.  Felicia Britt, one of our trainers will answer your questions online or via email.  You can email from our contact page or comment on a blog.  Regardless, we will have a place for you to come to for training advise, conditioning advice, and even shampoo advice.  We aren't the experts on everything.  However, we have been in the business long enough to claim some knowledge and we are approachable.  So are you a "Filly" or a "Colt"?  I feel like it was yesterday. 

Send your comments on how you first fell in love with horses or your first "embarrassing" question.


  • I cannot say exactly when I fell in love with horses, but most definitely as a youngster.  My Father had grown up working with horses and loved telling stories. He was and still is my hero.  He sparked my imagination and I am living the dream even though I am of the age when most of my peers are wondering were their next vacation destination will be.  I do remember a shetland pony named Ginger trying methodically to kill me until my Dad came along and took her home while I had to walk back.  It didn’t stop me, and eventually I learned to read Ginger a little better and we had some grand adventures. She was the smarter of the two….did you pick up on that?

  • Those little ponies all have Napoleon complexes!  I guess they are smarter!  Do you have any pony pictures?  I think it would be so cute for all of us to post our pics.