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GVHS Gets New Registry Software

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News Flash!

The GVHS – Gypsy Vanner Horse Society has purchased a new searchable registry software program. This is a great step toward ONE Database. The GVHS‘s position is that they have always been willing to cooperate with other registries regarding DNA information. The University of Kentucky keeps the data for three registries and each registry allows their registrar to cross check information through the University of Kentucky labs. However, the University of Kentucky cannot give or copy the reports on a horse to another registrar or to another horse owner. There are several issues involved regarding “ownership” of records and contracts made with the University of Kentucky. But, there is simply no reason the University of Kentucky cannot combine these databases with the information they have on file. The separate registries are already denoted on the reports for billing, etc.

Information is the key to Breed Preservation and it is only with one database can we keep accurate information. Horses sometimes have multiple names and then change owners. But, their DNA is always the same. Wouldn’t you like to be able to cross check your horse with unknown or unverified parentage against the entire world of registered Gypsy Vanners, Cobs, and Drums to see if any matching DNA showed up? Well, the new GHVS program can and will do just that and then confirm with the University of Kentucky for an “expert” report. Right now the University of Kentucky doesn’t even have this capability.

It would make it so much easier and provide more accurate extended pedigrees if we could share this information. This is how we preserve the Breed! So far, no other registry has proposed putting this together except for the GVHS. If you are a member of any other registry and are interested in having all the horse information you need in ONE Database then contact your Board of Directors. Or you can send in copies of your registration, regardless of registry, and any DNA reports you might have. Once you submit your information you will have access to the database the same as a member of the GVHS. The GVHS would love to have the cooperation of the other registries. However, that will not come easy. But, you, as an owner can make your own statement and help by submitting your horse’s data.

I know there is a consensus of owners and breeders who want unity. This is a great first step. THE HORSES COME FIRST!

If there is someone who doesn’t want to share their horse’s data, what are they hiding? If there is a registry BOD who tells you not to share information, what are they hiding? This is information that every horse owner is entitled to have access to. You can’t steal it. It doesn’t change. DNA is DNA and it is DNA that makes up our fabulous breed.

Congratulations to the GVHS for making taking this initiative toward Unity!



  • I wish all registries were open to sharing.  The GHA is also.  This software has been in use already…our registrar runs checks for members and non-members constantly (and she did this when she was the GVHS registrar, too.).  Based on the number of requests she gets, we know it’s a much-needed service!  As far as the software itself, it still has its limitations (the results are only as good as the information input, and the understanding of that info by the user - and if you have had experience with this database, you know what the issues there are), but unless every registry allows unlimited access so that all records can be put into one database, we’re no closer than we were before.

    So we’ve still got a long way to go, but the day is coming!  So glad the GVHS is “playing nicely on the playground”, per se.  Wish everyone would!!! 

    Elizabeth smile

    PS:  Your horses are looking fantastic!!!