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Gypsy Vanner Horse Society Annual Meeting

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The BOD worked hard to put together a fun and informative weekend.  The Breeder's and Judge's seminar started Friday morning (too early!) at 8am and our intructor, Wayne Hipsley, went through a very informative day of reviewing the Breed Standard and the Joint Show Rules that have been adopted by the GVHS.  Some wording in the Breed Standard was changed to make clarifications. Most notably, the much talked about "base narrow" paragraph.  We all discussed the Joint Show Rules and got very good suggestions for clarifications from the judge's attending the meeting.  After all, with the experience in this group everyone had "been there done that", especially Mr. Hipsley. 

The seminar was broken into two parts; Judging and Evaluations.  Both are connected, but they are not the same.  The GHVS has voluntary inspections that are a true hands on evaluation of the horse, both in conformation and in performance.  One of the suggestions that came out of the inspection training and the actual inspections held on Sunday was that we need to add a beginner level performance category.  We saw horses under saddle six months and horse under saddle six years.  We all felt the younger horses were at a disadvantage and needed in introductory level - much like the walk trot classes.  There were two evaluators for each horse and each owner went away with a good idea of the pros and cons regarding their horse and what they wanted to achieve with their horse.  This is a fabulous tool that we, as breeders, will be able to use when looking for breeding stock and evaluating breeding stock.

Saturday night we had the Annual Meeting and reviewed 2009 for the GVHS.  Most importantly we discussed the future of the GVHS and our Gypsy Vanner Horses.  It was unanimously agreed to engage the services of Wayne Hipsley to consult with the GVHS and help move our organization along the path of professionalism while preserving the Gypsy Vanner Horse.  The GVHS is embracing the theory of UNITY among all the Gypsy horse owners.  We will set the example and lead the way.

All in all it was a very fun, informative, and positive meeting.  We have already experienced the past and have now agreed to put it behind us.  We want to look to the future and set the course.  Thanks to all the volunteers who made the weekend happen.  The Gypsy Chicks had a blast.

I almost forgot, April Rose received High Point Halter Horse and Reserve High Point Performance Horse.  Summer Rose received Reserve High Point Halter Horse.  Congratulations to WR Ranch's Kuchi who received High Point Performance Horse.  We all received beautiful silver belt buckles designed by Ariel Folk.  Dennis Thompson was also presented a buckle for his work in the GVHS.


  • Hi Robin,

    Good summary of the event!  Glad the Gypsy Chicks enjoyed themselves!  Thanks for volunteering to help in the coming year as we continue to build the GVHS for the horses we love.


  • I am excited about the coming year!  It was good seeing you in Florida.  Let us know when you firm up dates for next year.  We are planning a lengthier trip around the meeting.  The driving lessons were great.