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It is a Special Christmas Sale at Stillwater

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We have a special price on our two geldings, Puccini and Da Vinci, through the end of the year.  Their prices have been reduced from $20,000 each down to $16,000 each. Not only are we offering these horses at a 20% discount,  the purchase includes free delivery within the continental US, a private weekend training clinic with Felicia Britt, and Stillwater's Guest House for the weekend.    These prices are good until the end of the year.  These are both great geldings loaded with looks and personality.  They also come with service after sale.  We are always on call for your questions.  Make your wish come true.  Put a fabulous Stillwater Gypsy Vanner under your Christmas tree.   

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Stillwater Farm.


  • Hi Robin,
    I would love to own Da Vinci or Puccini but don’t know if I am ready…I have only been taking lessons on and off for a year.  I have loved horses all of my life and my dream is to own my own horse.  I am a friend of Rhonda Cofer’s and we got reacquainted through “facebook”.  I fell in love with Gypsy Vanners when I met hers.  I would have to find a place to board him because I do not live on a farm.  If you could advise on how much it is to board a horse, vet bills, etc.  I did get the opportunity to meet Felicia Britt over at Rhonda’s house one day but don’t know if she would remember me.  Her knowledge of horses and training was wonderful. 
    Anyway any advice you could give me would be appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Jacque Kemp

  • Hello Robin,

    I really appreciate you showing me your place and your lovely horses.

    I had so much fun and learned alot about the breed.
    I will talk to you soon.


  • Hi Robin,

    I am in love love with Da vinci, I have been looking at equin, and here on still water!!!!! I check on the we-bsites every day to see if he is sold or not!I would love to have him under my tree or any time! I am waiting for my dad to make the big money, as we call it! He is triing to build a waste to fuel machine and he has gone to alot of places so I bet he will go to North Carolina!!! Whitch he said if he makes it he would!!!!!!!!This may be a gap in da vinci and me though, but dont worry I am very expierianced for my age, I am only a good 10 year old! I also would board him on Natral Valley Ranch in Indiana and she has 72 acres woth alot of horses lke you! I would like to know if your husband is going to have them? I know he is tri colored and 13.3 now. I would do ANYTHING to have Davinci. Could you make another video because his other one was deleted??? I love your two still water videos. I would pay full price of $17,500!!! I have loved horses since I was 2.

                                                                  From Morgan Elizabeth Bell

    P.S I would realy like you to call me on 317-440-7094.