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Mare Owner’s Series Class Completed

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It was five days of intensive instruction presented by Dr. Kubiak, owner of The Breeder's Assistant Equine Reproductive Schools and Services.  Stillwater hosted the course and used our mares for the labs.  We all spent two days learning more about Equine Reproductive Ultrasound where we had hands on lab experience with different mares and different ultrasounds.  In those two days we went through the entire process of not only how the ultrasound works but also the estrous cycle, follicular development, ovulation and so on.  The next day was spent on Equine Cooled Semen learning about extenders, testing, shipping, centrifugation, motility assessment and insemination procedures.  

The next day was spent learning about utilizing frozen semen, testing, thawing, storing, and shipping.  We also inseminated mares with the techniques for frozen semen.  The final day was Uterine Flushing and Deep Horn Insemination.  It was five days of extremely interesting lectures and lab work.  Dr. Kubiak is a great teacher and if you ever have a chance you should look into his classes.  The groups are small in order to let everyone have time in the lab to actually do the work with the mares and stallions.

Stillwater Farm plans on hosting a Stallion Owner's Course next fall.  If you want to learn more about Equine Reproduction this is a great opportunity.  


  • Such an impressvie answer! You’ve beaten us all with that!

  • I would be interested in taking the Stallion Owner’s Course next fall if you have an empty spot. How much does he charge? Tx Susan grin