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Meet Bijou, our new rescue Bouvier des Flandres

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CBear, Bijou, Daisy, and Sadie

Bijou is our third rescue Bouvier pictured here on the porch with her new siblings (she is the second one from the left with natural ears)  She is a gorgeous purebred love muffin.  I'll never understand how or why someone can be cruel to animals especially something as sweet as Bijou.  She was found living underneath a single wide trailer in Tennessee.  She didn't even know how to eat out of a bowl.  Her food had to be thrown on the floor in order for her to eat it.  It makes me crazy!  After six months with her foster family Bijou learned to love, trust, and eat out of a bowl!  Bijou joins our other Bouvs, Daisy the baby (we can't tell her that Bijou is younger because Daisy will always be a baby), CBear our male, and Sadie the grand dame.

So far the transition has been fairly smooth.  Bijou is enjoying the farm life running around like a gazelle, barking at all of the critters, and trying to help with all the farm chores.  The chickens did not like it one bit when Bijou thought I needed help getting the eggs yesterday.  She walked right into the hen house and scared them to death.  I doubt I'll even have any eggs today!  Bijou loves swimming in the pond with the ducks and she also likes making sure all the horses are in their correct stalls.  She is quite the dog and we are so proud to have her as part of our canine family.  I can't forget to add the beagles, Brigitte and Beau.  They think Bijou is pretty fun too!


  • Congrats on your new family member. I too adopted an incredible BOUV from the ABRL. Laura was also Canela’s foster mom. Canela ended up in Brooklyn, NY and Bijou also has this new amazing home. How lucky are these magical dogs and how blessed are we to share our lives with them!!!!!  Wishing you the best of luck!!!!

  • Wonderful dogs! I also do not understand how so many end up at rescues. But actually, they are the lucky ones, as shelters everywhere seem to be overflowing. While we have ended up with quite the mixture of breeds and mutts, my passion is for Great Danes. Our Dane, Zuri, saved my daughter as a toddler, from an aggressive stray. He and the breed earned a permanent place in my heart that day!

  • I, too, have a BIJOU…she is not a Bouvier, but a Norwegian Forest Cat, weighing in @ around 8#‘s~quite a difference in size from your Bijou, I’d say!  Anyway, she is also a rescue.  She is now 8 years old and a teeny tiny lovebug who just struts her stuff.  I love her 2 pieces!  All of us here @108 send best wishes to your new addition, and to all your magnificent various family members.
    Enjoy them all!  Donna

  • Bouviers and Gypsy Vanners - what a winning combination.  I have the pup (tried to adopt but couldn’t find an adoptee at the time) but can only drool over the horses!  What a wonderful, complete life you must have.  Never a dull moment if the pups are like mine - and they are all so smart and beautiful.  A pox to the people who could possibly mistreat any person or animal.

  • Welcome Bijou!  I love the natural ears.  She looks like my Belle.
    Robin, do you remember when Belle came to visit your dogs.  She also gave the chickens a scare! Sorry about that.  Belle is now six and would love to come and meet Bijou someday.

  • You are so wonderful to have found her, I love Bouviers and Amy is my ‘girlfriend’ and goes with me where ever I go. They are the best breed!