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Roses are Red Violets are Blue

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Roses are Red Violets are Blue - we will call her Violet.  What a pretty girl!  We have been waiting on this baby for five years!  Ever since we bought Summer Rose as a weanling I have been thinking about what she would produce.  Summer's dam, The Rose, is an excellent producer (as evidenced with Summer Rose)  and Summer is proving the same.  The breeding to Deja Blue was perfect and we will repeat the performance for 2013!  Watch for Violet to always be in the blues!


  • Well the first thing i thought how sweet!!Then I thought how about Sweet Gypsy Rose for her name!! or Gypsy Bleu Rose!!Hope You like those name ideas have a great day your horses are so beautiful!!

  • Violet is GORGEOUS!!!!!

  • Violet is so beautiful! I wish I could purchase her for my grand daughter, Jagger. Jagger is 6 1/2 and has been riding for over 2 years. SHe longs for her own Gypsy!