Stillwater Farm

Photo Week at Stillwater Farm

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It has been a busy week here at Stillwater Farm.  We shot pictures of Summer Rose, April Rose, Mia, Pia, DaVinci, Puccini, Straffan, and finally Sheba.    We will be posting updates on the horse's individual web pages as we get them.  The video is for a show on Horse Flicks due out this fall.  Everyone did a great job on getting the horses and themselves ready for their big week.  It is no easy job getting eight horses ready for a photo shoot.  We start weeks ahead of time in order to have everyone looking perfect.  And even then there are lots of shots that just don't work.  But with good direction, good light and a great photographer we think we got some great shots.


  • What beautiful horses.  Is there such a thing as a miniature gypsy cob or vanner?  Again, what beautiful horses.  Judy