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Social Media and Etiquette

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I recently attented a seminar on social media.  There are no teenagers in my house so it is left up to me to figure out how to participate in all this new and exciting media.  We have all heard of Facebook and many friends and fans of Stillwater Farm are already hooked into Facebook.  I learned there are some right ways and some wrong ways to have a presence.  Do you know that Facebook only allows one person to have one Facebook page?  I immediatly screwed up and tried to set a Facebook page for Stillwater Farm.  Big no no.  Within your Facebook page you can set up your business Fan Page.  That is where you put your business.  It is a big no-no to have your business as your Facebook page.  Facebook is for people.  Fan Pages are for businesses.  You can ask your friends to become fans of your page and so forth and so on. Facebook is for people talking to people.  It is not for constantly advertising.  If you want to advertise your business you do so on a Fan Page. 

Facebook might be a good place for someone to learn about someone they met at a show for instance.  They can look at your wall and read your comments and your friend's comments.  The lesson here is not to make any comments or post any photos you may later regret.  I am really a shy person and this will be a really good media for me.  I can think before I speak!  Maybe someone visiting my Facebook will see the humorous or "real" side of the man (or woman in this case) behind the curtain! This is a more casual place to post thoughts, pictures, ideas.  The instructor of our seminar told us the Facebook is for the kahki and polo shirt crowd.  Twitter is for the shorts and t-shirt crowd.  There are other sites for the coat and tie crowd.  I think Facebook will be a nice place to come together.


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