Stillwater Farm

Stillwater Competes for Champion of Champions Gypsy Horse at the Fall Feathered Classic

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The only horses eligible to compete for this title are Gypsy horses that have already won a Supreme Championship during 2009 and 2010.  Starting next year the Title will be for that particular year.  Stillwater Farm has three entries for this competition.  April Rose won her Supreme Championship title at the Buckeye Gold Cup in OH in 2009.  Summer Rose won her Supreme Championship at the Spring Feathered Classic in TN in 2010.  Pia stole the show in PA taking her first Supreme Championship in July 2010.  There are only twelve horses in the country that will qualify to enter this Champion of Champions Class in October at the Fall Feathered Classic held in Perry, GA.  


  • This is the most beautiful horse i’v ever seen in my life time.This is my dream horse before i die my last wish is to own ride and show a
    gypsy horse.

  • Sending the ladies of the stables good vibes for big wins at the Fall Feathered Classic.  Hope you have arrived safely and are settling in.  Would love to see video of the competition. send me a link if possible. Will be taking my daughter to the Draft horse show in East Lansing, MI. this weekend. Missed it last year due to our Bouvier National. Maybe we could attend the Ohio show Horse show in 2011. Will continue to check your website. Best Wishes.

  • Good luck and have fun Robin! Can’t wait to see a picture and hear about the success!

  • We met you and your horses at a gas station as we were traveling back to Washington, D.C. and you handed my 6yr old daughter a flyer of April Rose and Summer Rose.  She loves horses and has been showing the flyer to all her friends in Arlington, Virginia.  Thank you for taking the time to show her the horses when you stopped for gas and food enroute to the Perry State Fair.

  • Hey there Robin, Congratulations on the awesome accomplishments!! Summer Rose looks as beautiful as ever…...

  • You Are Welcome Morgan! Your daughter is darling and seeing the excitement in her eyes certainly made my day! So nice to hear that Summer and April made it to show-and-tell after all! Take care!