Stillwater Farm

The First of Our 2013 Babies Has Arrived

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Tia's Princess in Pearls was born early Sunday morning.  This is her first picture on Monday out in the sun for the first time.  It is extremely cold.  But, we wanted to get her out for a bit in the sun.  Pipa obviously has no self esteem problem.  She is just full of herself running circles around Tia.  When all Tia wants to do is stop by her hay bag!  They are so cute to watch.  She has one white ear just like her sire and she looks to be brown and white like Tia.  But, we won't really know until we body clip her later in the spring.  In the meantime we wait on the next one due, Heavenly Rose and Deja Blue.  Keep your fingers crossed that baby is as healthy and strong as little miss Pipa!


  • Congratulations! Pipa is adorable. Fingers crossed for the next awaited precious bundle.
    All the very best to you!

  • A big congratulations to my favorite Gypsy, Pearlie King on being a daddy. She will make him proud.

  • She is gorgeous!  I know you are so proud.  Congrats!

  • Congratulations Robin!!  What a beauty…as always!!!

  • Has always,just gorgeous! One day if I am lucky I would love to visit your farm and see the foals. Do you ever come to the Florida Horse shows in Tampa at the fairgrounds?

  • What a joy to see the long-awaited event of Pearly’s first get!  I am so glad to have been to your farm as I can better picture Pipa’s first romp!

    Congratulations Robin!  C0ongratulation’s Pearly and Tia!  This one is surely to be another Special!

  • Congratulations on your new Princess Pipa. Another gorgeous
    SWF baby !