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I just reviewed the photos from our Mark and Jackie Barrett shoot from two weeks ago.  It's a treat once a year for me to look at our horses in this format.  It's like getting the horses ready for their own show and they literally shine.  Daisy keeps our horses in shape all year long and you can see the muscle gleaming under that hair.  Speaking of hair!  Tasha and Cadee are the best grooms ever.  But that sparkle in the horses eye, the dapples, and energy all come from within.  It all starts with good breeding and knowledge of conformation and movement in horses.  Stillwater Farm breeds a specific type of Gypsy Vanner.  We specialize in the Performance Gypsy Vanner.  Just check out the necks and throats of our horses.  They can breathe!  Those shoulders can move and the drive is from the rear.  Our horses are balanced and can engage their hind legs.  Susan Harris has written an excellent book, "Horse Gaits, Balance and Movement" that anyone interested in horses should read.  It is applicable to ALL horses and Gypsy Vanners are not an exclusive breed that moves differently.  


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