Stillwater Farm

Upcoming Christmas Parades

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There are two parades over the next two weeks and we are having a difficult time deciding who will be going.  We have been driving Poppy and she looks ready to go.  But, we have also been working with Ellabella, one of our miniature donkeys, who also drives albeit with a tiny little carriage.  Marvin and Felicia want to ride April and Summer.  Santabella, Ellabella's daughter, wants to be the pack donkey for the candy.  Too many choices..............and way too much fun.

We will post pictures of our weekends!


  • It’s so fun to see Robin at play!  She truly gives her horses and all her animals great care, a beautiful environment and most of all, her love.  Those of us who know Robin as a friend appreciate her vitality and compassion.

  • you guys were great in the parade! i loved to watch Santabella and her pack! an amizing display!