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Deja Blue

Gender: Stallion
Date of Birth: 7/17/2007
Registered Name: VV Deja Blue


This beautiful stallion left us way too early in life.  He passed in February 2016 from a very bad case of colitis.  UGA is a wonderful hospital and they just couldn't keep him pain free.  So we let him go.  As a breeder, owner, and lover of horses this is often the hardest decision we have to make.  But as an animal lover we know when it is time to let them go.  DJ has been the cornerstone of our breeding program here at Stillwater Farm.  He has blessed us with numerous talented gorgeous babies.  His legacy will continue here.  We have his extraordinary bloodlines in many of our horses.  His offspring have been sold to discriminating clients all over the country and you can see them competing and winning.  What talent he passed along to his offspring!

There is no really good news for us on this sad occasion except that we have frozen semen and his offspring in the pasture.  DJ taught us many lessons on how Gypsy Vanners love and learn.  For our clients who own Deja Blue babies, "Congratulations" on your exquisite taste in Gypsy Vanners.  I promise you won't be disappointed in your investment.  

I'll miss seeing DJ work with his light and forward movement.  He carried himself with pride and confidence leaving spectators both stunned and charmed at his charismatic attitude.  His trainer, Daisy Fouts, misses him everyday.  She is consoled in training his babies and catches glimpses of his incredible personality and his talent everyday.

Under these circumstances we won't be selling DJ's frozen semen to any outside mares.  We will be stewards of this precious legacy and breed to our mares only.  Thank you for understanding.  

DJ is a proven producer of elegant fillies and colts alike and passes on all his qualities to his offspring. He has produced multiple blue eyed foals that stand as proud and confident as their sire with friendly curious personalities and high trainability.  Check out Deja Blue’s foals on our website or schedule an appointment to see him and his offspring in person here at Stillwater Farms!

DJ Video Portfolio

DJ's Offspring

2016 SWF Briella's Blue Angel

2015 SWF Carolina Blue

2015 SWF Kitty's Blue Belle

2014 SWF Lyla's Blue Lilly 

2013 SWF Heaven's Isabella Blue Rose

2013 SWF Summer's Royal Blue

2012 SWF Summer's Ribbons in Blue

2012 SWF Annie Sweet Blueberry Pie

2012 SWF Poppy's Blue Iris

2012 SWF He Blue Me Kisses

2012 SWF Roses are Red Violet's are Blue

2012 SWF Tia's Out of The Blue

2011 SWF Maximum Blue

2011 SWF Blue Valentino

2011 SWF He Blue My Mind

2011 SWF Tia's Blue Diva





Deja Blue

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Deja Blue