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The Paso Fino is an extremely willing horse that truly seems to enjoy human companionship and strives to please. It is spirited and responsive in tack while sensible and gentle at hand.

The Paso Fino is born with a gait unique to the Breed, and its attitude seems to transmit to the observer that this horse knows its gait is a very special gift that must be executed with style and pride! The gait, being totally natural, does not exhibit the catapulting or exaggerated leg action of manmade gaits; rather the movements are smooth, rhythmic, purposeful, straight, balanced in flexion and synchronous front to rear, resulting in unequalled comfort and smoothness for the rider. The Paso Fino is a graceful, agile and supple equine athlete that uses all four legs with precision and harmony. With its definite but controlled spirit, natural gait and presence, and responsive attitude, the Paso Fino is indeed, a rare and desirable equine partner.

8000 years ago after the Ice Age purged the Americas of many life forms. Christopher Columbus encountered a New World devoid of the horses that originally had evolved here. In 1493, on his second epic voyage, a wiser Columbus returned to Santo Domingo with twenty tough stallions and five brood mares from Spain.

These horses, of Barb, Andalusian and naturally-gaited Jennet stock, not only changed the history of the Americas through their partnership with the Conquistadors, but they fathered a new breed of horse engineered for its stamina, style, spirit and easy-riding gait. Later, as this original stock was selectively blended with horses from subsequent voyages, a breed developed that was perfect for the early demands of the early explorers in the Americas.

These horses were strong enough to carry heavy equipment and hardy explorers over a variety of wild terrain, vigorous enough to serve long hours without tiring and adaptive enough to survive on the ever-changing available vegetation. Best of all, they possessed a unique, four-beat gait which gave their riders an unparalleled comfort even after long hours in the saddle.

To learn more about Paso Fino horses, please visit the Paso Fino Horse Association's website.

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